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Tankers For Sale

 Shallow Draft Tanker For Sale BLT1997  Ex North Sea Fishers Bunker Tanker    

Vessel reference ID: BLT1997

Double Hull Shallow Draft Oil Tanker for sale

DWT: 5.239 on 4.64 m draught
Built: 1995 Russia
 Loa 114.00, Breadth 16.50, Depth 6.20 m

Vessel reference ID: TBT3078

Cargo Capacity:  1,446 M3 / 51,095 Cu/ft.
Built: 1968  Svenborg Vaert,  Denmark

 Double Hull Tanker DLT#734  Chemical Tanker STLS1101
SLZ#663 DSL#556 70,000 DWT Tanker Code:STLS1397 Double Hull & Double Bottom Tanker DLS#559



VLCC Tanker For Sale

(Very Large Crude Carriers)

   300,294 DWT VLCC TANKER Code:STLS1345  



Tankers, also known as tank ships or tankships, are ships specially designed for the transportation of liquid in huge quantitites. Oil tankers, chemical tankers and liquefied gas carriers are just some examples of tankers. There are also specialized tankers that transport gas instead of liquids.

Interested in acquiring a used tanker to save hundreds of thousands of dollars? Feel free to ask us about it. We'll be happy to help you.

 Sold Tankers

Double Hull Tanker DLS#560 Tanker Barge DVS#264 Oil Products Tanker CNT#764

GCS#723 CTT#790 DLT#941 Oil Tanker JKT#768
Tanker Code:MWS1146 DVS#253 Oil Tanker CNT#779 VLCC Tanker Code:SLTS1162
DVS#250 Coiled Double Hulled Tanker DVS1078 Coiled Double Hulled Tanker DVS1079 Stainless Steel Tanked Tanker Code:DVS1260
Tanker Barge DVS1216 Sold Oil Tanker NTG704 Sold
Chemical Tanker For Sale NWT1516  Tanker Barge Code:DVS1216 NTG704




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