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RO/RO LO/LO Vessels For Sale

EKS#100 AGS#449 RoRo/LoLo/Heavy Lifter Vessel Code:STLS1412 RORO AGS#473

ROPAX AGS492 RORO RKR1521 RoRo/LoLo Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel Code:STLS1228
RoRo/LoLo/Heavy Lifter Vessel Code:STLS1413 Superfast RORO DVS496 For Sale or Charter Multi-Purpose RoRo LoLo Vessel Code:STLS1314
RORO AGS #487  
RORO LOLO TRC1996 For Sale Roll on roll of cargo/passenger ferry for sale code CRP3100
RoRo/LoLo/Heavy Lifter Vessel Code:STLS1411 Passenger RORO Ship For Sale Code:GISS1809 RORO/LOLO General Cargo Container, Cars & Trucks Code:TRC1996 Roll On Roll Off Cargo
Passenger Ferry
Caribbean for sale
Built: 1972 Tronderverftet (Norway) GRT: 670
Net: 201

 Work Boats International offers RO/RO LO/LO vessels for sale and Charter.

A Ro/Ro is a roll on roll off ocean going cargo ship that has the capability to set a ramp at dockside, bow or stern and roll on most types of wheeled vehicles such as containers, trailers, trucks, cars or heavy construction equipment. 

 A LO/LO cargo vessel is a ship that has it's own cranes to "LIFT ON / LIFT OFF" all types of cargo . These types of vessels are very important in ports that do not have shore based loading cranes available, such as in many developing countries, also at times the port charges for a such a service, even when it is available, is so high it is cost prohibitive for the vessel owners. A LO/LO offers the owners the ability to get the job done in a swift efficient and cost effective manner.

RO/RO  LO/LO does both!  And we have them for you!

What you see on our web site is the "tip of the iceberg" if there is a work boat that you need, any type at all and you do not see it here, Please fill out the contact form or call and we will provide options for you!



ROPAX AGS498 For Sale or Charter AGS#459  MWS#494 AGS#456

Geared RoLo Vessel Code:STLS1185






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