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Pilot Boats For Sale


Low Cost Pilot Boat TAP3097

Made in Japan; Steel hull.

SVS#853 Pilot Boat Code:MVS1298 Pilot Boat STLS1109
Pilot Boat MVS1068 UHS#550 OIS#054 MSPF#742



Pilot boats are specially made boats designed to carry pilots between dry land and the ships that they are piloting. They are often painted with easily seen colors like yellow, orange and red.

Pilot boats are tough boats built to resist turbulent seas and bumping into larger vessels.

Need a pilot boat? Use the contact information in this website to reach us so we can help you.


 DVS#248  MVS#962  MVS#961  MVS#960
 NPS#700  VLS#667  2 Units New Build Pilot Boats Code:STLS1143 USA Built Pilot Boat Code:JEP1583




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