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Multi-Cat Workboats For Sale

Custom Multi-Cat Work Boat Code:AU1552 Multi-Cat Workboat BMC#727 Multi-Cat Tug/Workboat SVS1021 Custom Multi-Cat Work Vessel Code:AU1553
Coastal Working Catamaran MVS1199 2 Sister Multicats ZZS1044 Multi-Cat Workboat SVS#866


 Multicat Workboats For Sale

Multi-Cat Work Boats are Versatile, Multiple Purpose, Shallow Draft Vessels.

Multi-Cat Combination Work Vessels offer a stable work platform from which many vital marine services may be performed.
Depending upon their layout and equipment they may be used as marine construction platforms, dive support platforms, assist in dredging operations, pile driving or in building docks wharfs and piers.

Multi-Cats are also used extensively in fish farming operations, harbour maintenance, wind farm projects, marine cable laying applications and as tug boats and push boats.

In the event of near shore oil spills they are valuable assets which may be used to haul and collect oil booms and assist vessels in distress.

We at Work Boats have access to both new build Multi-cat work boats and used Multi-cat work boats For Sale.

 Sold Multi-Cat Workboats

 Multi-cat / Multi-Purpose Work Vessels SVS1025  Muti-Purpose / Multi-Cat Work Boat SVS1026  Multi-Cat / Multi-Purpose Work Vessel SVS1027  





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