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Glass Bottom Boats For Sale

Taking a Tour of a Live Coral Reef on a Glass Bottom Boat is one of the most  entertaining, educational and FUN things a family can do together.

In todays world of tough competition in tropical travel destinations the resort with the option of Glass Bottom Boat tours will be the winner every time.

Let the Panorama, Majesty and Wonder of the Undersea World Dazzle and Amaze your guests as they gaze through the large Underwater
 Observation Windows of these impressive low maintenance and cost effective vessels. 

World Wide Delivery is also Possible.

Want to start your own glass bottom boat tour business? Call us up and we'll be glad to help you.

PG#801 DGB#709  Glass Bottom Boat ~ Semi-Submersible Tourist Sub GBJ1659 Glass Bottom Catamaran for sale Code:SSS1763
 Trimaran Glass Bottom Boat for Sale        

Glass Bottom Boat - Trimaran Code: GBR3045

Semi - Submersible Glass Bottom Tour Boat Vessel reference ID: SSB3065  

Built: 1994
Passenger Capacity: 80
LOA: 15 m
Breadth Molded: 5.90
Moulded Depth: 1.61 m
Draft: .97 m

Built: 2006
Class: BV
Hull: Steel
Passengers: Viewing area below 22 seats. Total: 48
Length: 16.00 m  (52.4 ft)
Width: 3.80 M
Height: 4.80 M
Weight: 22 tons
Main Engines: 2 x IVECO 135 HP  
Generator: 1 x Kohler 9 KVA
Propulsion: Hamilton Hydrojets ( for safety-No propellers )

 Sold Glass Bottom Boats

 NGB#701  Glass Bottom Catamaran NGB#708    




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