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Fishing Vessels For Sale

1MFM3052Profile JEF3049 Trawler 75 GRP dry
US Built  Steel Raised Pilot House Fishing Trawler Code:JFV1601 Fishing Vessel Multi Purpose Work Dive - Research
ID: MFM3052
Classic Heavily Built - Fiberglass Trawler Code:JEF3049 Floating Processor ~ Mother Ship Code:ASF1556
1JTC3018 -Fishing-Trawlerthumb 1JLL3249 Long Liner Pro - Thumb
US Built Steel Fishing Trawler - No Gear Code:JTC3018 Fishing Boat JEF#747 Fishing Boat JEF#730 High Seas - Tuna Long Liner - Code:JLL3249
2. JFC3039 Trawler Port Side dry copy      
Steel Hulled Fishing Trawler (Shrimp/Fish Trawling - Cargo - Utility) Code:JFC3039      



A fishing vessel can be a ship or a boat used for catching fish in a body of water, be it the sea, a river or a lake. Fishing vessels can be used for commercial fishing, artisinal fishing or recreational fishing. There are millions of fishing vessels around the world.

We can help you find the exact fishing vessel to meet your specific purpose.

Sold Fishing Vessels

Two Tuna Seiners JES#720 DVS#243 GRS#086 NFS#702
DVS#242 RFV#741 US Built Long Liner PFB1718 Long Liner PFB1704
Long Liner Tuna/Sword PLL1673 US Built Sea Trawler TTG1705 Fishing Trawler JEF#748 Shrimp Freezer Trawler JLS#767




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