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 Dive Support Vessel For Sale

STC#535 MSR#514 GCS#724 OIS#055
100 A1 Diving Support Ship STC1004 For Time Charter  Multi-purpose Dive Support / ROV Support & Construction Vessel STC1005 For Time Charter Only
Dive Support Vessel Code:STLS1313 2 Sister New Build Multi-Role Dive Support Vessels Code:STLS1264 Diving Support Vessel STC1090 ROV Maintenance Vessel Code:STLS1367
Crew Boat / Dive Support Vessel Code:STLS1227



Dive Support Vessels

Dive support vessels or diving support vessels are ships used in professional diving projects as a floating base. Diving systems are considered can compete for valuable deck space in oil and gas production platforms. It is far more practical to use mobile floating dive support vessels.

Need a dive support vessel? We can help!

 Sold Dive Support Vessels

 Multi-purpose Utility/Work/Dive Support Boat SVS#380 ROV Survey Vessel SVS1014   DP3 Multi-Role Dive Support Vessel Code:STLS1204  DP2 Dive Support Vessel STL1155
 2 Units Dive Support Vessels Code:STLS1284  Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) / Dive Support Vessel DP1 Code:STLS1372    





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